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About us

Nutratel is the best VoIP providers in South Africa. Our service covers commercial and non commercial telephone and data services,

primarily providing voice over Internet protocol as a state of the art solution. With the best combination of speed and reliability

we cover a market share of South Africans across the country, by providing the best unlimited VoIP calls in South Africa across

board with convenience - no matter where they are within South Africa.

Our Services

We started Nutratel because we want to offer businesses maximum flexibility and control over their telephony solution and the

best unlimited VoIP calls in South Africa

. We believe in convenient and cost effective telecoms. We offer geographic number,

Internet service, land-line number, cloud-based, voice conferencing, VoIP services and a lot more.


Located in beautiful Johannesburg, the heart of African trading, Nutratel offers you all the benefits of your own administrative

assistant or full blown office staff, without the overhead and hassle. When you work with Nutratel, we coordinate all your administrative

needs, freeing you up to focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy the most.

Training Session

A training workshop organized by Nutratel to empower our sales rep for 2022

Why choose Nutratel?

Nutratel offers a range of solutions that will keep you connected with your unique requirements. We are also able to provide VoIP solutions on the best broadband connections. This means that you don’t have to change your existing internet connection or provider.


 Our pricing model is very easy to understand and you can easily measure your savings. We don't offer long-term contracts

which means we are interested in offering you the best service experience. We remain competitive while ensuring a premium service.

At Nutratel we have highly skilled and trained team to offer support and advice.




Say goodbye to traditional copper cabling. VoIP services ensures that you are always connected.

You can easily forward your calls through your VoIP interface and choose when and where (including mobile and other land-line numbers) to divert any calls.

With our VoIP device you have up to date access to your call history logs, whether incoming or outgoing calls.



Enjoy free data and unlimited calls with Nutratel. With our unlimited calls you covered both on mobile and land-line calls within South Africa.

Upon registration as a client, you will be allocated a business land-line number which you can start using immediately. You can choose to port your existing land-line.

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